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We’ll ensure you know where your deliveries are, every step of the way.

At Lace Logistics we focus on managing the entire delivery process from booking slots to dehiring empty containers, meaning more accurate delivery times and less hassle for you.

Our strong focus on communication means you’ll always know where your deliveries are, from vessel arrivals to slot confirmations and delivery times. Any changes that occur due to port or traffic events are also communicated quickly and effectively.

Once containers are empty, we’ll quickly and efficiently arrange the dehires to avoid those annoying shipping line detention charges. Lace Logistics has a large range of equipment to meet a wide variety of customer’s needs, from Sideloaders and Trailers to Low Loaders and Tippers, and other specialty equipment.

We also handle LCL and Airfreight deliveries with the same reliable and proven transport systems used to deliver hundreds of containers every week. This is all backed up by our experienced and professional staff, and delivered in a very cost effective way.

To discover how we can take the hassle out of your deliveries, leaving you more time to get on with business, call us now on 1800 110 810.

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